Hellenic maritime index

There are 6 records in the Repair index.

1 : Continental Maritime S.A. : Boat transport to and from any part of the world, Boat maintenance, repairs, renovations,Offshore Corporations and maintenance, Boat registrations, Project and machinery transports
2 : Yacht Painting Protection : General Yacht Painting
3 : Prisma Ltd : Import Export SABA bv, WORLDWOOD bv, ALLWOOD ltd, VAN STIJN bv, SINCO MEC KOLOR spa, COP COAT GROUP USA, KING & KING Chemical USA
4 : Naftosol LTD : General ship repairs
5 : Coral Ltd. : General Marine Repairs
6 : Doulopoulos Yards : Docking facilities, repair berths, boiler, propeller, hull, uder water & voyage repairs