How does Marinet Job Finder work

The concept of this database is to provide a direct and easy way to establish communication between parties involved in crewing. Marinet sophisticated software is a database with an Internet interface, so anyone interested can enter his own record. All records are processed and entered in the appropriate category. The software provides instant matching and weekly creates a circular for each company including all the records matching the company's requirements. As a result all interested parties gain immediate market knowledge about their needs.

Sensitivity and confidentiality
Confidentiality can be preserved for the applying members by choosing NOT to disclose their personnal details to others without your prior permission. Our circular will NOT include your personnal details (name, address, phone, etc.). If a company is interested in your qualifications, we will contact you in order to get your permission to disclose your name. JUST MARK YOUR RECORD AS CONFIDENTIAL.

Market Knowledge
We know if the people you need are available and were to find them. If needed we can design and provide for you an advertisement for the person you need. You save time and money on applications, correspondance and initial interviews


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