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Marinet Office Server

         Marinet's Office Server is a network solution for efficient office management.

Technical Specifications

M.O.Server is a Linux PC which can be incorporated in your LAN (Local Area Network) and acts as:

  • file server

Files used in common or shared between multiple machines can be stored in the fileserver and hence, everyone is using the same (updated) document. The solution offers maximum flexibility with the advantage of not having to invest in bigger capacity hard disks in your windows PCs since a big hard disk on the server serves every terminal.

  • mail server

Mail is delivered to the mailserver which in its turn redirects it to the appropriate recipient depending on your personal settings. The mailserver uses IMAP configuration services which means that mail is kept to a database and is not lost even if you accidentally delete it. Mail can be delivered to multiple users (terminals) and if a user accepts delivery of a specific mail, it remains in the database for other users.

  • printer server

A single machine acts as a printer server for all your terminals. No other routers or equipment is required. Multiple printers can be attached to the same server. The server also allows shared printer services for printers connected to other terminals.

  • internet hosting server

The same server can be used to host your company's site on the internet. The server is preconfigured to accept your pages and respond to a specified domain. You have the ability to instantly access your site and change its contects and with a simple dedicated internet line, your company can have a professional site on the internet by using Marinet's technology on Internet and Network services.

  • internet dial up server

If you need access to the internet for multiple terminals, you do NOT have to obtain multiple dial up accounts for all of your terminals. The alternative is a cost efficient solution: Our server's configuration takes advantage of Linux networking capabilities and  allows multiple users (terminals) to access the Internet through a single phone line (one dial up account) which is managed by the server. The software listens for calls from your LAN  terminals and when a request is made for an internet address, the server activates the modem, dials according to the connection settings, accesses the internet and delivers the requested page(s) instantly, to the terminal specified. When no more requests are made for internet addresses, the server closes the connection and deactivates the modem. Everything is done automaticaly by a single machine.

  • message manager server

Marinet Message Manager is a tailor made software for office communications. The server accepts any fax, email and telex for your company, stores the messages in a database, and delivers every message in a unified email form. You can read, save, store, and change all your messages by using Outlook Express. For further details, please read the instruction pages.

The above services are all integrated into a single PC. It can be incorporated to your existing LAN without any modifications and in no other software or hardware

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