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If you are interested in becoming an active member of the shipping community, and have decided to study, then follow these links to major European and World Maritime Universities and Colleges.
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College of Applied Engineering and Maritime Studies.
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Maritime Studies
Maritime activities affect most, if not all, countries of the world. All major trading nations are heavily dependent on their...

School of Maritime Studies
The School of Maritime Studies prepares students to pursue careers in the marine transportation industry; undertakes research..

HOWDY!!! from the. Department of Oceanography -- Marine Science Program. College of Geosciences and Maritime Studies. Texas A& M University at Galveston....

Maritime Faculty. Undergraduate Course Index - Entry Requirements - How to Apply
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Department of Maritime Studies
The Department of Maritime Studies offers complete professional training in a high-technology simulator environment. The programmes offered lead to the...

NATIONAL DIPLOMA: MARITIME STUDIES. DURATION. Formal Academic: 1,5 Years. Experiental Training: 1,5 Years. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS. Senior Certificate with.

Collection - Marine and Maritime Studies
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Marine and Maritime Studies
Arctic Ocean Research and Supporting Facilities: National Needs and Goals (1995) An Assessment of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna...

Maritime Environmental Studies
This subject is studied at Byrom Street and operates within the School of Engineering and Technology Management Director:..

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