Sat Apr 16, 2005
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Designers & Manufacturers of Fast Ferries and Patrol Craft.

Deimeks Ship Repair Company can offer you any type of the ship repair services in Estonia and all over the world, also company is able to manufacture any steel constructions and workpieces.

CENAL Shipyard Co ltd
Complete ships,ship repairs & conversions, ship sections
and other shipyard works.

Gemak Shipyard
One of the leading shiprepair and building company in Turkey with two floating docks

Newbuilding, conversion and repair. Strategically located with short access to the North Sea and to the Baltic area. Fast and efficient service in our excellent docking facilities of four docks up to 215 x 34 metres.

Sevastopol shipyard
Full range services in shipbuilding, shiprepairing, drydocking, and conversion for any type of vessels and military ships. ISO 9000-series certified.

Turkish Ship Repair Centre
TURKISH SHIP REPAIR CENTRE based in Istanbul with shipyard located in Tuzla Bay in the Sea of Marmara. Total working area : 39.540 sqm. Outdoor area : 23.540 sqm.

Volga Shipbuilding Plant
Is a modern manufacturing facility that uses up-to-date technologies to construct high-speed ships, for a variety of applications