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If your business depends on efficient communications, you need Marinet Message Manager.

Unified interface for the receival, storage and retrieval of all incoming and outgoing e-mail, faxes, telexes and scanned documents. All messages are  available on any company network computer with one mail program (e.g. Outlook).

Marinet has developed a software solution designed after extensive market research on shipping company needs and is offering the most efficient solution for office communications for maritime operations which include :


  • Significant reduction of communication cost
  • Unified (fax, telex, email, comtext) message management: secure archiving, forwarding, retrieval and browsing using a single Windows application (e.g. Outlook Express) irrespective of the original incoming message's type
  • Message identification and forwarding according to company needs, automatic distribution to recipients, departments
  • Secure handling of messages through user identification procedures
  • Unified addressbook for Telex, Fax and E-Mail (ability to send a message to multiple recipients with one trasmission)
  • Powerful keyword search for all text messages
  • Easy installation - no changes to your communications network required

Internet Access

  • Internet access through a single line for multiple machines upon request without the need for time consuming phone connection
  • Network connectivity and Internet access for multiple platform (Unix, Windows) based machines

Remote Dialup

  • Remote dialup call and retrieval of all messages from home PC or a laptop


  • Archiving can be carried out everytime the spare messages reach a predefined limit on CD or ZIP disks
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