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Marinet Message Manager is an application enabling companies to use a unified software interface for all communication needs. With M3 you have all your messages (fax, telex, email, comtext) stored in one place: your PC. You can browse them, forward them and search them all together by using one simple Windows program.


M3 is designed to work on a stable Unix platform based PC which is setup and provided my Marinet along with 2 modems. No changes are required to your existing communications network. You just plug your fax and telex to your M3 PC.


All of your company networked PC's have the same message management capabilities, depending on your needs. Access to messages is granted by using:

  • user authentication procedures
  • final recipients indicated on the message
  • restrictions set by your company - confidentiality(e.g. a message for the director can only be seen by the director and no one else).


M3 manages the phone line(s) directly. It stores outgoing messages and transmits them all toghether either after a predefined period of time or when the phone line is open for other reasons. Hence, the phone line is used once to transmit multiple messages and thus saves on connection fees. Savings are made through least-cost routing.


M3 is an advanced communications management solution offering more services for a better price. Contact us for details on its use and market price.

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