Sat Apr 16, 2005
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MarBase Global Shipping Database
Is an analytical global shipping database. The database includes information on owners, managers, operators and charterers, the vessel's tonnages, types, age and values.

Marine Net
We are integrated information provider and on-line trade site for the Maritime industry.

MarineTalk Ltd
The Internet portal for Marine Professionals - a resource for the marine management and technical community. Free news, extensive products & services Buyer's Guide, weekly NewsLetter and more..
We are a composite E-commerce Shipping Portal developed in Singapore, aimed at providing our customers a full range of shipping services including ship registration, ship supplies, ship surveys, stevedoring, broking, sale and purchase, consultancy, and other services in marine related businesses.

MaritimeData Ltd
Maritime Information portal.

We range of business services leverage the Internet to provide a direct link between buyers and suppliers.