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Marinet is a company established in Piraeus since 1996, offering software and marketing solutions, Internet and multimedia promotion and communication services for the maritime industry.

Our company is formed by a group of people with backgrounds in the maritime business as well as internet and database experts, software developers and designers.

Our close ties with the maritime community combined with expert knowledge of the internet and software business allow us to appreciate our customers' individual needs and provide the appropriate solutions.

Recognising the global nature of the shipping industry and utilising the world wide web in integration with databases we help our clients reach unlimited target markets. Our job is to assist our customers appreciate the possibilities laying in front of them and the implementation of these new tools in shipping in increasing revenues and reducing costs.

Marinet will assist you in developing a tailor made web presentation. Marinet's technological know-how allows for the integration of your website with business data. Your site will be part of the maritime business process and form a reliable resource for customers and anyone who visits it, as well as an integral resource to your business partners.

Network connectivity is becoming essential among companies which need to be kept on running efficiently. Marinet is implementing advanced network systems and software applications to help your business streamline its information flow and unify the storage, handling, searching and forwarding of different areas of business data.

Our involvement in the Internet and the latest developments in information technology and the shipping industry keeps us at the forefront of evolutions.

It is our belief that information technology is the cornerstone for the 21st century business. Our aim is to provide to our customers the technology and tools that will maintain their business efficient and competitive facing the millennium challenge.  

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