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Discussion Groups & Mailing Lists

Being a firm supporter of the huge importance of information exchange Marinet is opening a discussion forum dealing with the most contemporary and interesting topics directly set by you. This service is also offered to companies who realise the potential of performing market analysis through the web for their own purposes. Companies are allowed to use this application in promoting discussion between interested parts for specific matters and use the results for market analysis purposes.


Realising the requirements that maritime–shipping companies set for their employees and the fact that modern technology has inforced the need for better orientated stuff, Marinet contributes to this quality matching effort by allowing a greater pool of employers and employees to contact each other by providing information published on the Internet. Join our weekly updated circular.

HMI – the comprehensive Hellenic Maritime Index

 Gain the maximum possible exposure for your company by submitting your company details in H.M.I. The Hellenic Maritime Index is a tool available to everyone searching in the Hellenic Maritime Industry. HMI is based on a database application which allows the retrieval of information using advanced search techniques with keywords or specific categories. The integration of the Internet with online databases results in easy retrieval of information for globally promoted companies.

Free mailbox@marinet.gr

Marinet is providing a free mailbox to everyone associated with the maritime industry. We aim into providing email services to those who need to insure that their mail will not be lost even when they decide to change their personal internet provider.

Maritime Information Services

Online maritime information source from established communication channels with various internet and shipping companies for up-to-date information. Marinet participates in every maritime discussion group and mailing list available on the internet of some significance. Marinet acts as a filter for the selection of the most useful and interesting information for you.

Other services

Marinet also provides a number of market-orientated information and services such as:

  • Yellow Pages – Hellenic phone directory
  • Indexes and diagrams – Economic indexes and diagrams for market analysis purposes
  • Searchable Information – Fully searchable site
  • International and Hellenic maritime press archive
  • Information for maritime studies
  • Legislation, reports and abstracts for the maritime industry
  • Marine technology issues and presentation of hi-tech products
  • Information on nautical books
  • Events & Conferences