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    Quality internet services
    Web site design, development, maintenance and hosting
    Target orientated web promotion
    Advanced market research techniques for cost efficient  services
    Good knowledge of internet practices
    Multimedia design and innovative web promotion applications


    Mail server setup (including fax, telex, comtext interface)
    Unix and Windows (NT-w98) networking services for business
    File, printer and network server setup
    Network connectivity for multiple platform (unix/windows) based machines
    Multi Internet access through a single phone line
    Support, maintenance and upgrades for installed network systems


    Internet based communication services
    Multiple fax/email/telex transmission services to lists of recipients
    Unified message manager software :

    • Fax/email/telex/comtext message storage & forwarding according to recipients
    • Easy message retrieval - forwarding and browsing through a single application (Outlook Express) no matter what the original message's type is (e.g. fax/telex/email/comtext)
    • Significant reduction of communication costs
    • Message identification and forwarding according to company needs
      Mailboxes company@marinet.gr


    Internet database applications
    Web interface development for database applications
    Database solutions for inhouse (LAN) networks for logistics, communications, data storage
    E-commerce applications


    Secure handling of data and messages through user authentication procedures
    Data security  - cryptography for secure network transmissions
    Hardware security (physical - locking up) - Software security (for copyright)
    Tailor made applications for secure data browsing from remote clients


 Hardware providers for quality inspected machines
Support, maintenance and upgrades for installed hardware
Software applications development for shipping companies
Software reviews, recommendations and installation for customer selected products